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A story by planningconquest adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Deciding Factor

“Padawan?” Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi paused in his steps while he waited for his padawan learner to answer his summons.

“Padawan?” A little alarmed by not particularly worried, the Jedi wandered along the paths of the garden, calling out occasionally.

Halfway through the negotiations his little padawan had gotten tired and unfocused. A side effect of having been sleeping too little since their last mission.

In a moment of weakness, he’d sent the newly minted padawan to their shared quarters. He shouldn’t have been so indulgent of the boy's tiredness.

The boy would have to learn how to focus through the exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Obi Wan couldn’t continue to indulge his padawan.

“Padawan?” He didn’t think the boy would wander off, he’d been well trained, but there was a possibility that he would have been distracted. That was a distinct possibility.

“Padawan Luke, where are you?” Obi Wan turned the corner to find the 14-year-old Jedi padawan sprawled halfway on top of one of the beasts the Queen kept for company, sound asleep.

His small blond head was pillowed in the animal’s stomach while the creature curled protectively around his slender form.

Luke’s expression was angelic while he slept, looking innocent and beatific in a way he would try to deny while he was awake. “Oh dear.

” Luke curled even further in on himself while the animal’s eyes cracked open. Obi Wan inched away as it growled at him. “That’s fine, I won’t take him.

” When he was far enough away the animal seemed satisfied, closing its eyes and breathing deeply.

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