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A fan work by krystallazuli posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Chapter 1: Onset

Loki woke up. His gaze wandered over to Katirya, who lay sleeping.

She moaned softly in her sleep as she as she felt the warmth of his body disappear as he stood up and moved to the balcony overlooking Asgard.

He watched as she pulled the covers back over her body.

He turned to gaze over the city. The sun was just beginning to rise, spreading its warm glow. His mind flashed back to that day a year ago, when they returned from Earth

“Rash?” Loki kicked open the door to the healers. “You call this rash? EIR!”

Eir rushed out and taking one look at Loki, directed him to one of the rooms. “In here, my King.”

“I can see the wound,” Eir said as she activated the Soul Forge. “It looks like it was clean, no poisons or anything. But…”

“But what?” Loki demanded, staring at the imagines the Soul Forge was projecting above his wife’s body.

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