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written piece by thedescension posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


I know that it might sound jaded

And I have to say

I think love is overrated

But I don't like throwing it away.

Thomas Rhett.

It seems more like a homecoming extravaganza than a farewell get-together.

The guys are inside, hammered beyond repair, slurring out incomprehensible words every minute, watching a football match and screaming the place down.

Their madness perturbs me, their carefree joy confuses me, my aching heart surprises me.

I had not expected to be this shaken by his departure. I had not wanted to be this shaken but here I was, an eighteen year old behaving like her life had just ended because her

of eleven months had decided to move to another city to chase his dreams.

I press myself harder against the railing, body suddenly feeling lighter, the cold wind lashing at me.

"Tor," there is panic in his voice, as he rushes to my side, his hands firmly wrapped around my forearm. "You could have fallen."

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