Deaths Waltz
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Deaths Waltz

Some would say it had been ill fate, the day she had met the likes of one Count Vladislaus Dracula.

Other would simply marvel at the fact, she'd lived as long as she did, being even remotely related to the mad scientist known to most as Doctor Frankenstein.

Let alone having to live with him as an account of said madman being the only living relative left alive, after the incident that claimed the supposedly more sane branch of the family.

But, for our heroin, she wouldn't have had it any other way.

After all, regardless of the man being completely and utterly bonkers, he was lovable, fun to be around, and unlike her late family,

he'd always been able to make her smile with his deranged antics during dull family get togethers.

Angel Maria Frankenstine, had never been what one would call a normal girl, at least, not by the standards of those who knew her from a distance.

Where most girls would cringe at the solitary sight of dirt, she'd have been rolling around in it,

fighting with the boy who'd unknowingly insulted her by simply being a complete neanderthal the one minute, then chasing the 'girly' girls down the same street,

laughing deviously as she threaten to hug them, still covered in dirt, without a single care in the world.

And much like her uncle and the unfortunate distaste to the rest of the family, the girl adored science and exploration.

It wouldn't have been an average day if Angel hadn't managed to discover something new, or God forbid gain a new wound or bruise.

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