Death Trap
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Death Trap

Commander Walsh glanced at the door as the Galaxy Rangers walked into his office, reporting as usual after their return from a mission.

The commander noted their tired looks, and thought of giving them several days off. After all the work they've done for BETA, the League of Planets, and Earth, they deserved it.

He cringed as his glance landed on the bunch of files on his desk, as if reminding him of the distress signal they received just an hour earlier from Planet Prairie.

That meant that the Rangers would have to ride out again. He didn't like it, but people needed their help. And they're the best help BETA could possibly give.

Walsh stood up and faintly smiled, "Job well done, Rangers."

"All in a day's work, Commander," Doc grinned, still joking even though he was really worn out.

Sitting down again, Walsh remarked, "Well, I'm afraid the day's work isn't done yet.

" None of the Rangers said anything, not looking to surprised by it, so Walsh continued, "There's a new mission for you."

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