Death of a Bachelor
Death of a Bachelor zayn malik stories

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A story by somepeoplearewild adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Death of a Bachelor

"Okay, girls, gather round," Harry cheers, the soft curls at the end of her ponytail bouncing as she flops herself onto one of the several colourful,

pastel throw pillows that she had arranged in a circle on the floor.

Her friends from school all fall onto their pillows cooperatively, except Louise and Nicole who bicker over the last seat next to Harry.

Liam, being the mediator that she is, gives Louise her spot next to Harry, which does about nothing because Louise insists that she is Harry's right hand lady,

and therefore she should get the right hand side,

which starts a whole new round of arguments for another twenty minutes before Harry's older brother Edward pops his head in the door and threatens to spit on the girls in their sleep.

After the girls are done gagging and being dramatic, Harry hushes everyone, and carries on with her activity.

"So, since we are having the sleep over at my house this week, I have decided that we should play some classic slumber party games. All in favour?"

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