Death is Only the Beginning
Death is Only the Beginning  voldemort stories

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A story by thephoenixandthedragon adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Death is Only the Beginning

She was enjoying a wonderful night with her newest sexy partner when Ashleigh her Chief Valkyrie began to knock insistently on her bedroom door seeking entrance.

Quickly throwing on her dressing ground she made her way to the door and upon seeing the distress on her friend's face, she led Ashleigh to the sitting room and both quickly took a seat.

"What brings you to my chamber at this late hour? What has happened to put that look of fear on your face?" Hel asks.

"My Queen, I come with distressing news, the young Prince that you had taken an interest on Midgard has been murdered."

"Impossible !" Hel screams. "I placed a spell on him that should have prevented any fellow Midgardian from being able to kill him.

Young Severus should have not entered my realm again for at least another century, hopefully two and should have died only of old age. He is not even four decades old. I must go to him at once.

Gather a battalion of my most competent Valkyries and meet me in my throne room in the next ten minutes."

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