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An expression of selfish nostalgia. A heart torn in two. Mind frame fixated on the past and unable to appreciate the present. Can you relate to my enigma?

Dearie Me. Dear Forgotten -

The tears that trickle from my face, They’re not contextual, what a disgrace. The tears that fall they’re not consensual, I don’t want them here… not at all. Returning to you is still a race. Regardless my current time and space. even though my heart, belongs in a different place, away from this, without a trace.

Nostalgic dreams are filled with memories, But when I wake, I see another face. isn’t it obvious her heart’s at stake? The one who cares and gives her all. here I go making another mistake. For reasons I don't understand, It is your broken heart I must retake.

Don’t show me interest, don’t show me love. If you continue, my hopes push and shove. I’ll run from safety, to un wanting arms. I need some answers, where’s the man above? How can I break, a heart to mend another? How can I repeat it? it hurt so bad.

So maybe I won’t, That’s the end… no more, don’t bother! keep your calm, keep your cool. Don’t hurt another, you god damn fool.

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