Deals With The Devil
Deals With The Devil devil fruits are actually tools of the devil stories

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Deals With The Devil

They, the

they that was the gossipy voice of the public conscious, always spoke about the costs and benefits. It was called a fairy tale, a pipe dream, or a castle on a cloud.

Being able to swim?

Was a small loss that most pirates and even marines scoffed at—there were ways around that weakness, if you had a couple of brain cells to dedicate to the simple problem that was avoiding water,

then you would likely be fine.

It would never be safe to be on the ocean, ability to swim or not, but what was the point of sailing if there wasn’t an element of danger spicing up things?

You didn’t become a pirate or join the marines if you didn’t have some urge to put yourself in the path of danger or were just incredibly stupid.

Sea stone? Also not worth mentioning, you just had to be aware that the marines loved the damn stuff and thus you had to make sure you had contingency plans to get out of it.

It was just foolish to believe that you would be able to avoid the stuff in perpetuity.

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