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Crawford followed his visions through New York. It was possible they were already too late to acquire the third monkey yet the visions kept showing him all three together.

He came to a halt and looked around the real world. He was in a poorer area even though he was on one of the avenues.

It was snowing and Fujimiya Aya was bleeding out his life slumped against a mail box. *Berserker, I’ve found him but he needs healing and fast.*

Jei’s mental voice sounded in his head. *What are we dealing with?*

Crawford squatted down next to Fujimiya. *Knife wound to the gut. Weapon still in place.*

Jei sighed in his mind. *Beyond my capabilities I think, though I’ll do what I can.*

Crawford frowned. *Where are you?*

Jei chuckled. *I did what you asked. I kept two blocks behind you as you walked.*

Crawford almost sighed in relief. *Okay, bring the hire car to where we are. He’s in no condition to walk any further.*

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