Dead and Back Again
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A fanfic by kerascene adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dead and Back Again

“He is not our Peter Quill,” Mantis repeated, and it sounded as ridiculous the second time around.

Adam Warlock stared across the table in contemplative silence, head resting on balled fists, struggling to process this information.

Mantis-- who, being the Celestial Madonna,

had little trouble finding the newly reborn avatar of life-- initially contacted Warlock under the pretence of preventing a series of temporal anomalies in the wake of Ultron's

most recent defeat. That, on its own, was threat enough to galvanize Warlock into action.

Time would only tell if he had the strength to succeed.

His recent resurrection had not been quite as traumatic as his rebirth in the midst of the Phalanx Conquest, but he returned a weakened, exhausted shell of his former self,

to the news of dying universes and a series of cracks-- fissures in time.

His powers were broken, just as his universe was,

and a recent run-in with Thanos-- and his own counterpart from another universe-- confirmed Adam Warlock's suspicions that the unnatural end of everything in existence was approaching.

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