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DCU Drabble Collection

Hal was kissing him.

And it wasn’t a friendly kind of peak on the cheek either.  No, this was full lip on lip action, open and messy, tongues sliding and teeth pulling on his lower lip.

It was

lips on his,

hands touching what he could.

Those hands slide along his back, tracing solid muscle through his red and yellow costume.

One moved up to grip the back of his covered head; the other was around his waist now, pulling him closer.

He almost couldn’t bite back the groan when he felt the older man’s groin press against his hip.

Hal was…no, no. He needed to-

“Stop! No, Hal, you have to….you have to stop!”  He gasped and grabbed the Green Lantern’s shoulders, pushing him back to arms length.

The other man’s eyes were glazed over, he was looking at him but looked like he didn’t really


Hal whimpered, hands reaching for the other.  “Please, Barry-“

“Hal!  Wake up!  I’m not Barry.”  Wally said as he shook him gently.  He reached up and pulled back his cowl, hoping that seeing his face unmasked would to get through to the other man.

“It’s Wally.  Come on dude, snap out of it.”

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