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DC One-shots

The Fun of a Harley

I wake up with a groan and as I try to move my arms I realise I’m tied to a chair. I blink my eyes open. I look around and try to cry out for help but realise I’ve been gagged.

I begin to panic as I realise I’m in some kind of bedroom in what looks like a warehouse.

I panic even more when I see The Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn, walk in front of me. She’s skipping and swinging a baseball bat. She grins at me as she comes up and pulls the gag from my mouth.

I remember that she was the one who kidnapped me.

“You’re my gift to my puddin’.” She grins.

“What? Why?” I ask.

“Coz you make all the funny gas.” She smiles.

I gasp at her meaning. I work with the company that creates the chemicals that The Joker uses in his bombs.

Not what the chemical is actually made for but he keeps getting a hold of it no matter how we try and stop him. She obviously thinks I make the chemical myself and that I can make it for them.

On the upside, it means she doesn’t plan on killing me. On the downside, when she realises I can’t actually make the damn stuff she will kill me.

What the hell can I do? I have to figure out some way to escape before she realises.

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