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Daylight Specialist

When Nino was in junior high school, he’d been bullied.

There was a group of four boys who came from wealthy families and because of that wealth, they felt they were entitled to treat everyone else in the class like garbage.

It had been him and another kid one day, Kohara. He and Kohara had been told to meet the bullies after school at Katsushika’s enclave, a block away from the Tokyo Detention House.

The bullies had made them a deal—you walk into the enclave’s lobby and whoever stays inside longer will be left alone. At first, he and Kohara had exchanged a rather thoughtful look.

If they tied, maybe they’d both be left alone. But at thirteen years old, the thought of stepping foot inside was terrifying.

Even a block away from the prison, where inmates on death row who had committed horrible crimes awaited their fate,

it was still far more frightening to stand outside the multi-story apartment building, to peer through the glass door and see the lobby beyond.

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