Day of the Dead
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Day of the Dead


The ancient vampiress's voice was a low, threatening snarl, and her eyes furious as she looked over at the vampire in front of her.

Felix shifted slightly in place, a movement too minute for any human to see, eyes flicking over to Demetri.

Returning to Volterra and finding the castle destroyed had been an unpleasant surprise, and yet Felix had almost found himself relieved that Aro was dead,

as it meant that he didn't have to give him the news that Jane was dead, along with two other members of the guard that had been sent to deal with the newborn army situation in Seattle.

Not that Athenodora was taking it much better then Aro would have.

Felix had been with the Volturi a long time, longer then Jane and Alec had, longer then even Charmian– or Chelsea, as she was going by this century; or she had been, at least,

because she was dead now too– and he remembered back when there had been three wives to guard, back before Athenodora and Sulpicia had been hidden away in their tower.

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