Day of Reckoning
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Day of Reckoning

Today was going to be a really shitty day. Daryl knew it, knew the difference between a good day and a bad day like he could tell Chokeberries from Nightshade.

He didn't need much help, seeing as his morning wasn't pleasant. He woke up late and luckily, didn't wake up his probably unconsious father, but missed his bus.

Almost got run over by another car in the process.

"Stupid fuckin' driver!" he kicked at the driver's car, ignoring the beeps and curses thrown back at him.

He had to treck the shortcut through the wooded area, only to trip on a tree root and stain his shirt on the moist mud. A furiated growl came from his mouth then.

"Stupid fuckin' tree!" he kicked at the tree trunk and pulled himself up off the ground.

When he eventually arrived at the pathetic excuse of a high school, he got stopped by a teacher and handed a detention slip.

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