Day 1: An Iron Rule
Day 1: An Iron Rule brought to you by insomnia and a love of these two dorks stories

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Day 1: An Iron Rule

Somehow, Molly had known he would be curled up in his chair, lost somewhere in the halls of his mind, searching and stitching things together.

She'd stop minding it after a certain incident that had thoroughly changed her thoughts on the matter. Sherlock had made the arrangement immensely worth her while.

The memory of that day from a month ago resurfaced every time she saw him curled up on his chair, a partial smile always on his mouth.

Molly would only ever have to glance down at the simple silver coloured band on the third finger of her left hand to induce a smile of her own and alleviate any frustration of having to wait

a few moments for his company.

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