Day 09 - Hanging Out With Friends
Day 09 - Hanging Out With Friends blessthefall stories

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Day 09 - Hanging Out With Friends

“Elliott! Hey!” Beau exclaims as he spots his friend in Starbucks, sitting down beside him and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Elliott stiffens his back and glares at him.

“Get off me, Beau,” he groans, pushing back against his touch. Beau laughs, and doesn't move his arm.

“So, you guys ready to order or what?” he asks the rest of the table (Eric and Jared, Matt is at home with his soon to be wife).

“Already ordered. Actually waiting on it to be done. I ordered you your usual,” Eric responds, pocketing his cell phone.

“Thank you!” Beau exclaims. Elliott shoves him off.

“Give me some space, man,” he groans. Beau shrugs it off and continues being happy.

It's when he leaves to use the restroom and comes back that his happiness fades; he overhears the conversation Eric and Elliott are having before he gets back to the table.

“I'd rather kiss a snail,” Elliott snaps. “Dude, he's unattractive and annoying – it's not a good combo for anyone. Besides – I'm straight, remember?”

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