Day 06 - Wearing Each Other's Clothes
Day 06 - Wearing Each Other's Clothes matt traynor stories

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Day 06 - Wearing Each Other's Clothes

“Get up, Matt,” Jared scolds for what seems like the millionth time.

Why is it that Matt always has to sleep late on days that they have early set times? He could swear that he does it on purpose.

“Get up, or I'm opening the curtains and pulling you out of your bunk.”

“Mmhmdon,” is Matt's sleepy response. Must be hungover again. It's getting old, Jared thinks, but he doesn't want to say anything.

Why would he? It's not like it's any of his business what Matt does in his free time. Except that maybe it is.

Maybe it is – because he's his best friend and best friends take care of each other – right? He makes the decision to bring it up after the show – and Matt is sufficiently awake.

Five minutes later and Matt is still in bed.

Jared takes this as his cue to forcefully get him up – he slides back the curtains and yanks down the covers – tugging at his arm, which, by the way,

he can feel his muscle right underneath the skin and – fuck – that's so attractive. Why is that attractive? He's his best friend for God's sake.

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