Day 05 - Kissing
Day 05 - Kissing beau bokan / elliott gruenberg stories

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Day 05 - Kissing

Why doesn't Elliott listen to his own advice?

The last time he played truth or dare with his “friends” he had sworn that he'd never play with them again because he had ended up eating a moldy donut from Eric's fridge and

had contracted food poisoning from it. Which, by the way, had lasted two solid weeks. Two solid weeks of puking up bad donut was enough to make a man never eat donuts again.

For some strange reason, his four friends were somehow able to convince him to play again.

“Truth or dare... Matt!” Eric says, smirking.

“Dare,” he replies without hesitation.

“I dare you to kiss Elliott's dog and making moaning noises while you do it!” he laughs – Matt cringes.

“EW OH MY GOD!” Beau screeches.

“Poor Frank!” Elliott exclaims, looking over at the dog, whom was currently sleeping over in his doggie bed beside the couch. “He doesn't deserve this!”

“He doesn't need to worry – I'm out,” Matt says, standing up and heading to the kitchen. “I needed a beer anyways.”

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