Day 04 - On a Date
Day 04 - On a Date blessthefall stories

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Day 04 - On a Date

Dinner is burning in the oven, he's still wearing sweatpants, and the apartment is a wreck. Jared's not sure if his day could go any worse.

If he wasn't waiting on Beau to arrive for their date he would say that it's the worst day he's ever had, but Beau is coming so it can't be the worst.

But still, if Beau wasn't coming over, none of these problems would matter as much. In fact, none of them would bother him at all.

But he is coming over, and Jared better hurry up if he hopes to even remotely be ready.

He's busy throwing a pile of empty chip bags into the trash bin when the door bell rings. He groans (couldn't Beau have arrived late just this one time?) and rushes there, opening it slowly.

“Um, hey,” he says, feeling highly under dressed when he sees that Beau is actually wearing jeans. He really should've changed first.

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