Daughters of Darkness
Daughters of Darkness the secret circle (tv) stories

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Daughters of Darkness

I slammed my hand on the alarm clock and groaned.

“Time to wake up.” My grandmother announced as she walked into my bedroom and flung open the curtains. “Rise and shine cupcake.”

I groaned again as I covered my head with my blanket to shield myself from the light coming from the window.

“Breakfast’s on the table.” My grandmother continued as she left the room. “You can’t be late for your first day back at school!” I focussed on the door and it closed with a loud bang.

I rose from my four poster bed and walked to my en-suite bathroom to shower and get dressed. Once I was dressed I walked down the stairs and sat down at the dining table.

After I finished my food I grabbed my bag from the hook in the reception and gave my grandmother a kiss on the check before leaving.

I got into my BMW convertible, put my sunglasses on and looked in the mirror before leaving from school.

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