Daughters of A Rose Without A Thorn
Daughters of A Rose Without A Thorn blanche tudor/george boleyn stories

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Daughters of A Rose Without A Thorn

I am Princess Elizabeth Tudor, daughter of King Henry the Eighth, by the Grace of God King of England, Ireland and France. My mother Katherine Howard was his Queen for twelve long years.

Yet despite this, my father no longer allows her name to cross anyone's lips at Court, for three years ago, when Blanche was six, and I eleven, our mother was executed for treason,

on our father's orders... He executed her because he found out about her adultery with Thomas Culpepper, which resulted in her having twin girls, Eleanor and Jessica.

Though the girls are not Princesses, they are my mother's daughters and because of this, Blanche and I look upon them as our sisters.

When Father banished Blanche and I to Hatfield after Mother's fall from grace, he was too furious to think about anything else, meaning that the twins,

even though they were the living proof of Mother's adultery, were left in our retinue. Indeed, three years on, they still live with us, in plainly furnished rooms off our own.

I do my best to keep an eye on their attendantsm to see that they are treated as Howard girls, born in wedlock or not, ought to be.

It is not easy, but by God, I am half Howard as well as half Tudor. I am not one to shirk a challenge.

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