Daughter-in-Law Wanted
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Daughter-in-Law Wanted

"I wonder if she's gone yet," sighed Wanda Ventham as she stretched and put down the book she was reading. She looked at her watch.

"It's getting rather late, and Benedict has to be on set early tomorrow."

Wanda's husband of 33 years, Timothy Carlton, paused from arranging pink and white hyacinth blooms in a large crystal vase and fixed his wife with a look.

"I dare say I think you'll be the very first to know when the interview is over."  He chuckled and added, "I wouldn't be in such a hurry.

I suspect our son is less than pleased with your…performance."

Wanda huffed as she took off her reading glasses.  "I only meant well, Tim.  I really don't think Ben will hold a grudge.  I was just..."

"Doing what you thought would help him find a wife," finished Timothy.

"She’s got to have connections in London.  Surely she knows of someone or someone who knows someone.”  Wanda frowned and bit her lower lip.  “All I want is for him to find a bird.

He doesn't have to marry her.  Just someone to make him happy and give us grandchildren!"

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