Darling, I'm a Mess
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Darling, I'm a Mess

Almost in boredom, Peridot easily timed her tapping of the 'B' button, in order to deflect Puppet Zelda's attack back at her,

muttering and chuckling to herself about how easy this game was after playing it thirteen times. She hardly needed to put any effort into it at all.

Honestly, this was ideal living for the young woman; holed in the darkness of her apartment for a few days straight, playing Nintendo games, and having absolutely no interruptions—

Peridot nearly threw the controller at the small T.V. as her usually silent phone blasted one of Percy's songs from Camp Pining Hearts. "Ughhhh...

" She got over her mini heart attack as she paused Twilight Princess, and used her feet to wiggle her phone over to her from the other side of the couch.

"What?!" She bit nastily into the phone, only to hear a huffy sigh in response. "Nice to talk to you, too, Peridot." Pearl.

The nerd could easily recognize that 'I'm-better-than-you' voice anywhere. "Anyway," Pearl continued, squawking loudly as Amethyst yelled straight into the phone.

Peridot cringed as she held the phone far from her ear, and decided it'd be safer for the health of her eardrums if she put the phone on speaker.

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