Darker Days
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Darker Days

When Bernard is trawled into the DAA four months before the General Election that is to bring in Hacker’s party, he is of course introduced to Sir Humphrey Appleby.

Their first meeting is in Sir Humphrey’s office, first thing in the morning with the sun pouring lazily in through dusty windows.

Sir Humphrey is already running at full speed despite the early hour, and after a cursory introduction he hands Bernard a sheaf of briefing notes to read, two reports to edit,

and several meetings to book into the Minister’s diary, then ushers Bernard out.

In all the hustle, Bernard doesn’t have time to point out that, in fact, they have worked together before.

As he heads down the hall with his arms full of folders, he doesn’t really regret the missed opportunity; those were six weeks that he would rather not recall.

Before his appointment, all the DAA knows about Brian Macklevore is that he was one of the hardest hitting back-benchers before the election,

and one of the most charismatic faces of the campaign.

His travel schedule was unbelievable, his speeches and town hall meetings wildly successful,

and his youthful exuberance credited with the winning of two marginal constituencies in addition to his own.

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