Darke Beginnings
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Darke Beginnings


Chapter #1

Lucien Darke was brought up a child of a privileged household. He wanted for naught and was afforded anything and everything his young heart desired.

He had been named Lucien because it meant “Light,” and he was the absolute light of his parents' lives, always a bright smile, dimpled cheeks, and dancing blue eyes,

but he also had the worst temper, a hot side that established itself whenever he was denied something he felt was rightfully his.

For the most part, this aspect of his personality was largely kept at bay by those around him catering to every whim. This coddling extended well into his adolescent years.

Everything changed in his seventeenth year of life. That summer, Lucien had been staying at his friend William's family cottage on the shores of Lake Como.

The boys often went out swimming during the day and would occasionally invite some some of the girls from neighboring cottages out for a row during sunset.

Of course, the girls all thought this to be terribly romantic, but the boys only had one thing on their minds.

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