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Dark Tales

-Fifty Years Ago-


Today was most unusual.

I had made the monthly supply trip, having needed some things of personal use, when something truly peculiar occurred on the way back.

It was the distinct roar of an engine, coming from somewhere above. Realizing that something was off, I looked up and noticed a red ball that was spiraling across the evening skies.

A ball, that I thought with dread, that was heading straight for me, or so I thought.

Instead, it made a slight detour and headed straight for the forest that served as the outskirts of Westopolis. Gathering my wits, I hurried off in the direction that it took.

Upon arriving at the edge, I took one look and inwardly cringed at such a sight. Dozens of trees that had once stood proud, now laid scattered about or hanging lifelessly from above.

As I entered, I noticed something else that was a bit more alarming; fire. Following the flaming trial, I couldn't help but wonder.

What could have caused this kind of damage? A sudden, strange scent caught my attention and I wrinkled my nose.

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