Dark Realm
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A written piece by kriss5u adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dark Realm

Bonfire; I stared as the flickers disappeared into nothingness.

The crackling sound was somewhat soothing to my ears. The orange flames beneath burning fiercely. They wouldn’t waver even with the chilly breeze that sent goosbumps all over my skin.

It was in my head, still fresh and clear after all this time. It never failed to come to life, here; in the

I continued to stare at the dancing fire. Surrounded by woods and a gloomy sky. It was lit on the very same spot.

Eating away into the wood, it continued to live just like the guilt buried somewhere deep down in my mind.

Shoved aside, hidden, but still managing to creep through, especially on this day, April 3rd.

When thoughts felt overwhelming, when my body would freeze up, when everything came back to haunt me. The worst nightmare, that day. A repetitive cycle now.

My eyes were trained on the source of light and warmth in front of me in the slowly descending evening.

I found the surroundings disappearing, simply a distant vacuum where I was left alone with myself.

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