Dark Necessities
Dark Necessities park jimin (bts) stories

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A story by roobeertuu adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dark Necessities

“I'm taking it slow

Feeding my flame

Shuffling the cards of your game

And just in time

In the right place

Suddenly I will play my ace.”

Blue Foundation – Eyes on fire

He woke up all sweaty, trying to get a proper breath of cold night air, his eyes wide open because of fear and anxiety he felt.

This was by far the worst nightmare he had in a while.

The blond-haired man slowly stood up from his sweat-soaked bed and lazily strode to where his almost “dead” smartphone laid. He forgot to charge the battery yet again.

“Should be enough for one call,” the pale man murmured and looked through his contacts to find that one person he needed the most.

He would have lied if he said he didn't expect the nightmares to come back.

And even though it's been only a week since his last appointment with a psychologist and barely two weeks since he started taking the newly prescribed medication,

the blonde-hair man expected them to start torturing him again.

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