Dark Horse Running
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A fanfic by prototyping posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dark Horse Running

Ventus landed hard on his back, his head striking the ground and making lights flicker across his vision.

The grass was more forgiving than other alternatives, but the clear sky and its blazing sun only hindered him as he was briefly blinded, providing his opponent with the opening he needed.

In an instant Vanitas was over him, slamming a foot down on Ven's Key hand to trap it there.

Ven's left came up and around, the air around his fingers chilling with a Blizzara spell, but Vanitas' Keyblade was faster.

Its jagged, V-shaped edge caught Ven's wrist and pinned it beside his head, rendering the spell void.

Vanitas watched him struggle, looking somewhere between amused and annoyed. "You've gotten predictable.

" He leaned down until he was nearly sitting astride Ven's chest, free arm perched casually on his knee. "Or did these thirteen years take all the fight out of you?"

Ven said nothing as he held that hostile stare. His mind was in overdrive, running through every spell and attack he knew and trying to come up with something--

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