Dark-Eyed Mender
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Dark-Eyed Mender

Noiz looks at the notification on his Coil, turning his eyes back to the screens in front of him before he’s even accepted the call. “Yes?”


“Mujina,” he replies, staring at the familiar readouts, his eyes so used to them that he almost can’t see anything new.

“Are you still holed up in your apartment?”

“Yeah,” he says, picking up a pen off the desk and clicking it rhythmically before tossing it down on his worktable.

It narrowly misses one of the bunny cubes that are stacked three high; the topmost one springs down on the table and bounces in place, turning to face him.

“You have got to let that go,” Mujina sighs over the Coil. “It doesn’t even affect how the Drive-by works, does it?”


“Then what’s the point of figuring out what it is?”

“It’s still something that’s getting called from Toue’s servers,” Noiz retorts. “Letting it continue to run will draw attention whenever I use the code.”

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