Darcy Lewis and Co.
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Darcy Lewis and Co.

Darcy woke up, brushed her teeth, scowled at her collarbone in the mirror, brushed her hair and traipsed into the kitchen to make breakfast. Her usual morning routine.

The scowling at the collarbone was on account of the words scrawled across it in worse handwriting than a first grader,

although the language was considerably above what was usually expected from a first grader, which explained the scowling.

Darcy was late — also a part of the usual morning routine,

although she was forever coming up with more and more creative ideas to try and conquer her chronic tardiness — and she muttered darkly to herself as she grabbed her travel mug filled with

her special blend latte (because Starbucks was a rip off and she could make better coffee than them anyway).

She didn’t live too far away from the Avengers Tower, just far enough to feel a little less claustrophobic than if she were stuck in the same building with the same people every hour of the day,

so there was only a ten minute window in which Jane had the opportunity to blow something up. Hopefully the workshop was still intact.

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