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A short story by slowmercury adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dangerous Books

Sarah clutched her copy of “Lavender Love Love Surprise, Volume 4” grimly and stared out the window into the pouring rain.

If Shigure Sohma grabbed the weather as an excuse and didn’t come to this book signing, either...

But he did come.

Sohma might not have intended to visit this event, but his editor (a twitchy looking woman whom Sarah recognized from her research into the author) dragged him firmly by the collar.

His entrance was greeted by the loud squealing of an entire bookstore full of excited schoolgirls. Sarah slipped quietly to the back of the line of fans and waited.

As the evening wore on, the line wound down.

It was a school night, and these kids probably all had class tomorrow; Sarah was the oldest fan present by at least six years, but she could definitely remember being that age.

Finally, Sarah was at the front of the line and there was no one behind her.

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