Dancing the Dance of Love
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Dancing the Dance of Love

It's 78 degrees here in "sunny" Florida. That is cold for natives like me. Hence why I am sitting in my hot tub with my best friend in the entire world.

I haven't seen her in a few months so Kaeleigh and I are very excited to catch up.

"So how's Roy?"

"Oh god girl I broke up with him like 2 months ago. He was an asshole".

"Well I don't know these things anymore because someone had to move all the way to Florida!"

"Oh you love it because now you can come visit for the warm weather".


All of a sudden I heard my phone ring.

"Kae can you grab that for me please!"

"Hello this is Kaeleigh. Uh huh. Yes she is here. Hold on one second". she says as she puts her hand over the microphone

"It's John from Dancing With The Stars".

"What?!" I said as I took the phone


"Hello is this Linnea?"

"Yes it is".

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