Dance With The Devil Tonight
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Dance With The Devil Tonight

First off happy Birthday to me! Now with that out of the way it is back story time, read it helps.

Like most of my Vamp fic, posted or not, the Night World book series, sooooo NOT Twilight, helped inspire it.

The Witch circles, pure blood Vamps calling themselves Lamia, Vamps created by a Witch with a spell, all from the books.

Reading them is not required, a good idea though, as the world is similar but little else is, Vamp Anime inspires too.

This one uses the Traditional or Fan Cannon Yaoi pairings for the show, the partners. I do a lot of non-cannon yaoi but not everything is, fan cannon yaoi is fun too.

If you like my other Gundam Wing fics you should like this one, I hope. Like in the show certain pilots get along better or worst when the first meet.

OOCish is because it is an AU, plus monsters, but they are not completely not them.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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