Dance on Through
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Dance on Through

It started out like every other day . . .

Except it didn’t.

Not really.

If he stopped to think about it . . .

There had been warnings. Subtle in their intent they were unable to gain his attention, unwilling to be clear enough to cause alarm bells to ring.

His natural instinct, his ability to sense things that others couldn’t was blind to the terror that was to come, body and mind not prepared for what they were going to encounter.

So hard to believe monsters really do exist . . . the Boogeyman from childhood nightmares becoming a reality that even Ironhorse found difficult to comprehend.

Oh, he knew about aliens and their continuous effort to take over the planet, knowledge of their existence gained months earlier, fought them almost every day, but this . . .

this was so much worse . . . this involved Debi, the young girl’s life put at risk . . . Ironhorse so afraid he wouldn’t be able to save her.

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