Dance For Me.
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Dance For Me.

Eren Yeager was bored.

20 Years of existence as a prince inside of this boring palace, with boring slaves, boring meals, boring shows and boring father had turned him into the most rude, obnoxious and foul man alive.

Even the girls who kept him company at night bored him by now, nothing pleased the prince.

If it was exiting for him at first to have as many women as he wished for in his bed, now it was just....Tasteless. How can anyone enjoy another's company if they just lay flat on their back?

They can't.

What bored him as well was, he could do everything. He would never be punished! He was good to his Gods, so the Gods where goo to him, he had never missed anything, exept a mother.

But he didn't care about a mother that much. She would have been busy, Just like his father.

Every day the same tiny little frail slave changed his bedding after waking him up, then cleaned his room for him and prepared his bath.

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