Dance Class
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A fan work by stormy_skies7781 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dance Class

Lakyn Cavelle sighed as she hitched her backpack up onto her shoulder. School wasn’t her favourite place to be. Still it was better than being home. She couldn’t take her parents arguing again.

She smiled at her friends, the only two people who knew about her struggles at home.

The teachers were aware but because Lakyn was clever they gave her some sympathy but she was allowed to spend extra time in the library to get her work done.

So she didn’t have to spend any time with the arguing at home trying to do her homework.

“Hey. How’s things?” Charlotte asked.

“Ok, they’re still fighting and I think it’ll be soon when they end it.” Lakyn said.

“Are you sure it’s gonna be ok?” Caitlyn said.

“Yeah, I mean – I’m 15, I can choose who to stay with.” Lakyn said. She didn’t get along with her mother all that well anyway so she’d choose her father.

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