Dan And Phil- A History Of Two Spoons
Dan And Phil- A History Of Two Spoons cringe attack stories

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A fanfic by thealphafox adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dan And Phil- A History Of Two Spoons

Phil didn't MEAN to drop the paint on Dan.

It's not like he set out to do it. And besides, Dan was wearing the black t-shirt with the eclipse on it that goes with his eyes.

Phil would never deliberately destroy that! (And now, the only hope is a ridiculously expensive dry-cleaner that Phil rang in an attempt to placate his flatmate a bit)

It's not like he planned this. Dan was the one complaining that his room needed more brown, he started it!

Alright, yeah, Phil suggested a bit of decorating.

But Dan was the one who pushed the trolley round B&Q! They wouldn't even have HAD the stuff if Dan had just shrugged and said his room looked okay the way it was.

Phil was just trying to do something nice for Dan, to make him smile. Because his smile lights up the room, and Phil needs more of it in his life. (not that he'll ever admit that)

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