Damsel would rather be in distress to be honest
Damsel would rather be in distress to be honest damsels in distress stories

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Damsel would rather be in distress to be honest

ATMS were better. Doing it online? Even better. Everyone had horror stories about banks. About lines. About ridiculous shit happening and honestly Naruto had ignored each and every single one.

Sure lines happened but he had no problem waiting. Once he had company.

If not company well his phone and headphones were company enough until it was his turn provided he was not in too much of a hurry.

And he always planned it out that he had nothing to do before he went to the bank anyway.

And the way his life was he rarely even had to set foot in the bank in the first place. Again, ATMS existed.

But it was just his luck to be in this particular bank when something ridiculous happened.

People did say it never got boring in Konoha but Naruto had enough fun in his life.

He did not need hostage added to the list of situations he ended up in but there he was and at the worst time and with the worst people to get taken hostage with as well.

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