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Damn Good Reasons

Hi! I've been working on a new version of this story that I hope you'll enjoy just as much as the first.

The original was far too large, and a lot of the ideas in it were old and unmotivating for me.

I've completely reworked the plot and am super excited about it, so let's see how it rolls :) There will be a prologue but I haven't finalized it yet, so will post when it's ready.

I've rated it T for now, (T for 'tame' compared to the last one lol) but there is still strong language (no stronger than in the movie) some violence and drug references.

If it starts moving into other territory then I will increase the rating. Any qualms, please PM me.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Muffled voices and the scuffing of shoes on dirt made my ears stand to attention.

The six-foot high fence of the long alleyway curved and so I couldn’t see any further up the path, but I knew the sounds of trouble when I heard them.

Not wanting to get involved, I turned on my heels and began walking back the way I came, out to the street to take the long way around.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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