Damian Wayne vs. Sword Art Online
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A story by otakulad posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Damian Wayne vs. Sword Art Online

Seconds after an awestruck Mike Wachowski was buzzed past its ominous iron gates, the portly courier leaned forward on his van’s worn dashboard,

casting his mesmerized gaze upwards towards the expansive property which was now spread out like a hidden kingdom before him…

Stately Wayne Manor.

The delivery driver quietly whistled in amazement, secretly wondering if he were lucky enough to win the state lottery, would he still be able to afford a place like this?

It seemed like something out of a dark fairy tale, a relic of Gotham royalty from a bygone era far removed from his own world…

Parking his delivery van in the visitor’s stall and then fixing his shirt,

the stout courier gathered up the rush package and made his way along the estate’s manicured promenade towards its curving stone stairways.

As he climbed the twisting stairs leading up to Wayne Manor’s imposing entrance, Mike Wachowski noticed security cameras following his every move.

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