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Damaged Defenders


A/N: I own nothing at all to do with Marvel, the Avengers or the X-Men. Please don't sue.

"Yeah, no. Bad idea! He loves his ... " Tony started to warn Rogers, only to get cut off by a slam from said hammer that sent him flying.

He hit hard enough to rattle his brain in his skull, and it took him a second to clear his vision. What he saw horrified him.

Thor was high in the air, hammer swinging, clearly intending to make Rogers a smear in the dirt.

Frantic calculations raced through his mind. He knew vibranium was tough, but Thor's hammer was something else entirely, and Tony had no idea if the shield would survive the blow.

He started to lift one hand, trying to track Thor's arc, hoping to cut him off, but the suit was malfunctioning,

the power fizzing and sparking unpredictably thanks to that lightning strike earlier.

He'd upgraded the suit to deal with energy attacks after Vanko, which was why the suit was still functioning at all,

but absorbing and then using that much energy had overstressed some of the systems.

In the end, all Tony could do was close his eyes, unwilling to watch as Captain America very probably got smeared into the dirt.

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