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Damaged Defenders Guide

Timeline Of In-Fic Events

For convenience's sake, events will be broken up into 30-day 'months'.

Month 1


1_______1 – 12, 14__________Chitauri invasion, Darcy and Jane moved to Tromso, Betty rescued

2_______12 – 16, 21, 50______Darcy, Jane, Betty at Tower, Odin gets bitched out, Fury, Ross antics, Soldier and Yelena at NYC, Coulson POV

3_______16 – 18, 20_________Team on Asgard, Avengers quarters shown, Bruce/Betty reunion, Logan recovers a memory

4_______19 – 23____________Tony, Steve, Loki in lab, Thor gets advice, X-Men go home, Clint in range, Natasha training Darcy

5_______24 – 26, 31_________Incident at Mansion and fallout, Natasha apologizes to Tony for IM2

6_______27 – 31____________Loki has nightmare/flashback, Ross and WSC tring to cause trouble and fallout

7_______32 – 33, 35_________Shopping trip, Sif vs Daufin

8_______34 – 38, 40_________Tony, Loki in lab, Commando kids, Bruce Presidential pardon, Odin fuckery, Svartalfheim arrival

9_______39, 40, 45, 46________Folks try their Tony-made goodies, Charles warns of next invasion, Frigga and co arrive at Jotunheim

10______41, 42______________Steve talks training, gang watches LotR

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