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Daisuga One Shots

Daichi followed Suga out of the locker room toward the rest of the team, gathered and waiting in the middle of the court.

That morning, Suga had asked everyone to get together after evening practice so that he could make an announcement, and he had asked Daichi specifically to stand next to him in support.

Daichi already knew what the announcement would be about, but it was Suga’s place to share it.

All eyes were on the captain and co-captain as Suga cleared his throat.

Asahi wrung his hands, Hinata looked around too quickly to actually be seeing anything, and Kageyama looked down at the ground. Tanaka and Noya cocked their heads like puppies.

Yamaguchi looked nauseous and Tsukishima hid behind his blank stare. Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita were pale. Daichi understood, these three had received rough news from the team before.

“Thanks so much for staying a little after practice guys. I really appreciate it.”

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