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Why didn’t I listen to her this one time? “Don’t let go of me daddy, I’ll fall!”
By Ringmaster187

Daddy's Girl

by Ringmaster187

Why didn’t I listen to her this one time?

“Don’t let go of me daddy, I’ll fall!”

But her training wheels had just come off, I couldn’t hold my excitement to see her pedal that cute little crimson cycle on her own.

“I’m a big girl now, I’ll just be in the front yard.”

Yeah right, not without a close eye on her. With those cute rosy cheeks, you could never be too safe.

“I’m 14 Dad, I think I can handle being alone in the house for the weekend.”

Of course I trust her, but I had a friend cruise by our old brick house once in a while to make sure everything was safe and sound. Apparently she never even had a single friend over.

“No one understands him like I do, the system is rigged, he was innocent through and through.”

She had no reason bringing such an older man to her prom, and it had me seeing red, but I wasn’t going to say anything, I’m better than that.

I’ll just take note of his license and pass it on to my friend on the force who owes me a favor.

“I didn’t even drink that much, I was totally good to drive”

Yeah right, this was the 3rd time this year she pulled this shit. Took out a stop sign this time. I tried to understand what was going on in her life but she shut me out a long time ago.

I just worry so much about my not so baby girl.

I had prepared a special breakfast today to cheer her up. I hadn’t seen her smile in so long, so I thought her childhood favorite would help us both.

Pancakes topped with whipped cream and a homemade strawberry sauce. So much sauce I spilled some in front of her room. I saw the note taped at eye level just as I went to open the door.

“Don’t come in, just call the police. I’m sorry.”

Why didn’t I just listen to her this one last time?

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