Dabbling in Soulmates
Dabbling in Soulmates charles xavier stories

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A fanfic by g_the_g adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dabbling in Soulmates

Logan needed a beer or to punch someone, preferably Summers, in the face.

He figured Chuck would prefer the first option, so he stalked the halls of the mansion making his way to the staff kitchen.

It had been a long day of training the new kids and putting up with Summers’ ‘I’m always right’ attitude. Yeah, always a right dick.

The students sensed he was testier than usual, so he made to the kitchen without any interruptions. Not that he noticed.

It wasn’t until he was almost to the fridge, however, that he spotted Rogue sitting at the table with another woman around her age.

“Hey, Logan!” came the sugary-sweet voice from the other mutant.

He grunted, nodded, and yanked open the refrigerator door.

It was a good thing that Chuck had consulted with special industrial appliance makers; otherwise most of the kitchen would have needed replacing within two weeks.

Logan figured he should thank the man as he pulled out a beer and shut the refrigerator door a little too firmly

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