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A written piece by underneathestars posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


When Sakuma was just a child that found running around aimlessly with his friends while occasionally playing tag the most entertaining activities, he once heard his friend’s mother saying “

As a child pondering over this seemed meaningless, but not for Sakuma because those words carved a spot in his heart at a young age.

That night he had spent it wondering when will this happen for him.

He knew that the happiness he’s experiencing at this age is only temporary and that what his friend’s mother had mentioned will only occur when he’s much older, when he’s a mature adult.

Those words were the cause of the adult Sakuma’s dilemma.

Having long ago grown from that naïve little boy, he graduated high school while being the top in his class and continued with this pattern throughout university.

After four years in university, he once again graduated while being the top of his class and finally obtained his teaching license.

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