D-23: Guardian
D-23: Guardian he's not the only one stories

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D-23: Guardian

The scorching surface

through the flesh of his shoulder when his twin kicks him back into the control panel. In that moment, all Stan knows is pain. He doesn't think as the pressure holding him down disappears, only

Ford recoils in horror as his brother screams. He'd forgotten about the sigil there. Worse, he has no idea what the sigil actually

-- just that Bill had insisted upon its inclusion -- and he's just knocked Stanley directly into it. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sor--" he doesn't get the chance to finish the sentence.

A wild punch from Stan sees to that.

Ford stumbles back into the portal room, reeling from the force of his brother's blow.

The glowing yellow eyes glaring up at him from the doorway nearly send Stanford into a panic attack, but then the writhing figure on the floor growls and, ironically enough,

reassures him that he will not be forced to face his worst fears just yet. (Bill is never so inarticulate.) His voice shakes as he calls out, "Stanley?"

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